Deportation of Jews from Central Europe to Riga during the Holocaust

About this project

From November 1941 till winter 1942 around 25.000 Jews were deported from the German Reich to Riga. 4200 of them came from Austria.

This project tries to document the fates of these people and make them available to a wider audience. This is accomplished by creating a publicly accessible online database, which provides relatives and interested persons with biographical data of the deported Jews.  Current publications and institutions usually document only names, birth place, birth date, date of deportation, last address, date of death and survivors of the transports. In large part this information cannot even be accessed online. In contrast, this project traces the circumstances of particular Jews after their arrival in Riga and makes their stories accessible to the general public.

This project was realized by the Museum “Jews in Latvia” with the of help Holocaust Memorial Servants from the organization Austrian Service Abroad. It was funded by the Future Fund of the Republic of Austria (Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich).

For further inquiries please contact the Museum “Jews in Latvia”.